Applying Liquid Roof for RV Repair

When you have an RV, you want it to be ready to go whenever you are. However, if a leak pops up, it can sideline quicker than anything can – no one is going to be happy riding around with water dripping on his or her head! The solution to this problem is to apply EPDM liquid roof for RVs. The process is relatively easy, and the repair is sure to last considerably longer than any other product you might try. You can even manage to do the repair on your own using the following steps.

Wait Until the Weather Is Right

Since you will be applying a liquid, you need to make sure that the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. Obviously, you will also want to make sure that there isn’t any rain coming while you’re in the middle of the application, and for three days afterwards. Of course, if you have a covered area, you won’t have to worry about that, but the liquid roof will need time to cure before it is subjected to rain to ensure a proper seal.

Address Any Issues

You will need to check the area around the leak to determine if there was any damage done to the interior. If you know you caught it right away, or if you are simply ahead of the game and applying liquid roof for RVs as a precautionary measure, you may not have to worry about any interior damage. It is especially important that you pay attention to any areas that there was leakage if there are electronics nearby. This can cause serious problems, and you will likely need a professional to address those areas to ensure you and your family are safe from electrical fires or other problems.

Clean Up

When applying EPDM liquid roof to the RV, you will have to make sure everything is clean. Generally, you can use a stiff brush to remove any lose debris. Once all of that is gone, mix three parts of water with one part of bleach and go over the entire top. This will help you get any set in dirt or stains up so that the liquid roof adheres properly.


You will also need to apply a coat of primer to ensure that your liquid roof RV repair will actually adhere to your roof. There is not a set product that you have to use for this, as long as you pay attention to the instructions during application.

Applying EPDM Liquid Roof RV Repair

Once the primer is ready, you can start rolling on the EPDM. In most cases, all you need to do is use a roller and apply one coat at around ¾-inch thickness. If the coating you are using specifies a different thickness, please follow those instructions. After you’ve applied an even coat, wait one to three depending on how long it should set. Once it has set properly, use the roller to apply one more coat in the opposite direction in which you did the first one. Once that has set, you and your RV will be ready to go.

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