Easy Tips for Installing Liquid Roof on the RV

If you have thought about getting your RV roof replaced, then you’ve probably balked at just how much it can cost to fix some small holes that have caused a leak. One of the best options for RV owners is to take matters into their own hands and to use Liquid Roof for the RV. This product is easy to use, and it can protect your RV from leaks, providing you with many more years of use, not to mention peace of mind. You can add the product on your own, but you do need to follow some basic instructions to make sure you have done it the right way. Let’s look at how you can take care of your roof with Liquid Roof for the RV.

Prepare the Surface

The first thing you need to do it prepare the surface of the roof. This means you need to clean the roof. If there is wax or oil on the roof now, you will need to remove it with a solvent. If there is dirt, it needs to be cleaned and cleared away. Use a wire brush on rusty metal or pitted areas of metal to remove any of the loose rust. If there is another coating of some sort on the top of the roof, or caulk, you will want to remove that as well. Clean the roof as much as possible, and then make any patches or repairs. Once you have made those repairs, you will be ready to use your Liquid Roof for the RV.

The product will cover about 46 square feet per gallon on a surface that’s smooth. If there is any substrate, then it will cover around 40 square feet per gallon. Make sure you get the right amount to cover your particular RV. Once you have your product, you will need to mix it with the catalyst that’s included.

If you have small single gallon buckets, you can use a short mixer on your drill to mix it up. If you have a larger pail that holds between four and five gallons, you will need to use a longer shaft mixer to make sure that the product is mixed properly.

One you have mixed up the Liquid Roof for the RV, all you have to do is apply it. You can use a brush, roller, or a squeegee for this. In some cases, you might be using a combination of applicators depending on the style and shape of the roof. You only need to have a single application of the product for the roof, and even though it will look like it is dry after a couple of hours, you will want to let it cure for a day or two. It will be waterproof immediately, and the sun should help it cure relatively quickly. It’s always a good idea to use your Liquid Roof for the RV on days that you know it will be warm and sunny.

It’s easy to do on your own, and it shouldn’t take you more than one day, or a full weekend at most, to get your RV’s roof protected.

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