Extending the Life of Your RV Roof

Purchasing an RV can be a large investment. It makes sense that you should do what you can to protect your large investment and make it last as long as possible. One way you can extend the life of your camper is to apply an RV roof protectant.

From the Top Down

Why is the roof so important? The roof is the part of your RV that usually takes the most beating. It gets beaten by the sun, by Mother Nature and her weather, and by trees or anything else that could have dangling parts that scratch and scrape up your roof’s surface.

The roof of your RV is what protects everything underneath it from those same exposures. If there is damage to your roof, you’re likely going to have damage to what’s under your roof. So caring for your RV should start at the top.

Added Protection

You can give your camper’s roof added protection by applying an RV roof protectant e.g. RV Liquid Roof. It’s an easy way to make your roof last longer, keep it sealed up so moisture and wind can’t make it inside, and ensure your RV functions at its best for as long as you want it to.

An RV roof protectant will give your camper added protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays, rain, ice, snow, sleet, wind, dirt, tree limbs, and more. It will also help your AC and heating systems to maintain your desired temperatures inside the camper.

Application Process

It’s an easy project, applying RV roof protectant. Just follow the steps listed below:

  • Perform a roof inspection to look for damage or things that need to be cleared away
  • Make any necessary repairs and fill in caulk where it’s needed
  • Give the roof a light power wash or brush wash
  • Use degreaser to remove any oily residue
  • Allow roof to dry completely
  • Stir RV roof protectant for five minutes
  • Roll protectant on with nap roller and paint brushes for corners and detailing
  • Allow to dry for full day before camper use

Just like that, you’ll have an RV roof that is not only protected from all of the elements and other damaging factors, but it will look brand new as well.

Do Roof Materials Matter?

You can use an RV roof protectant that is able to adhere to all kinds of roof materials. While there are some on the market that will only work for certain types of materials, RV Liquid Roof is compatible with almost all camper roof materials. It’s a versatile choice that is right for most RV owners’ needs.

One thing to note is that you’ll want to make sure there isn’t any silicone caulk used on the roof before applying this protectant. You can simply replace it. Also, while RV Liquid Roof adheres to most roof materials and only one coat is required, there are some wood types that will do better with a second coat.

How Much Will I Need?

To calculate the amount of protectant you’ll need for your RV, you will need the measurements of the length and width of your camper’s rooftop. Our protectant has a pretty good spread rate. You’ll get 50 square feet of coverage in one gallon. What’s more is that our product only requires one coat for full coverage, and there’s no need for a primer.

Protect Your Investment

Our final words are that RV roof protectant will help you protect your investment. You’ll be taking the steps to prolonging the life of your camper’s roof and avoiding inevitable costly repairs in the future when you apply this type of product to your RV rooftop.

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