How Can I Fix My RV’s Leaky Roof?

Popular for many commercial spaces, EPDM is frequently used as a roofing solution for RVs and motor homes. The reasons for this are simple. EPDM has been proven time and time again to be one of the most weather-resistant and durable roofing solutions there is. This is especially important for RVs and motor homes, as they are constantly on the move and frequently finding themselves in inclement weather.

If your RVs roof has sprung a leak, there’s no need to panic. Even though it may seem daunting to hop up on the roof and fix the problem, in most cases the repairs are relatively simple to make. All you need are the right tools and a little bit of know-how, and that leak will soon be plugged!

How to Repair a Liquid Roof RV

Even though an EPDM roofing solution for your RV or motor home is exceptionally durable, the truth is that over time everything fades and everything wears out. While your EPDM roofing will have more longevity than other roofing solutions for your RV, at some point it will become necessary to make repairs. When that happens, it’s important that you know how to do so.

You’ll need three things. The first is a liquid roof coating. In a nutshell, liquid roof coatings are a liquid version of EPDM, and after they’ve been applied to your roof they will dry and fill in holes. Secondly,  you’re going to need a liquid roof roller, which you will use to apply the liquid roof evenly to the surface of your RV or motor home’s roof.Finally, you’re going to need something to clean that roof.

Making sure that your roof is immaculate before you apply the liquid roof is essential. Because the liquid roof bonds to the surface of your RV’s roof, if there are any contaminants between the bonding agent and your roof, imperfections will be made. If there are imperfections that are made while applying the liquid roof to your RV, these imperfections will very quickly become repairs. Don’t let yourself get into a cycle of continual liquid roof repair!

After you’ve cleaned the surface of your RV’s roof, you will then need to apply the liquid roof over the existing one. To do this, all you need to do is simply spread the liquid roof over the surface of your RV’s roof using the EPDM roller. It’s that simple! While you’re doing it, be sure to use an even coat.

What About Minor Repairs?

These are simple, too. In order to cure simple tears and other small imperfections and problems, you can generally use a sealant. Like before, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve adequately cleaned the spot of the repair, as debris and other “dirtiness” will drastically undermine the efficacy of the sealant that you’re using. It’s also worth noting that in some cases you may only need to use specialized tape to cover up the tear.

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