How RV Roof Coatings Can Protect Your Vehicle

As with most RV owners, you’d probably do anything to take care of your beloved vehicle. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the fact that you’ve spent serious money on it in the first place. Proper maintenance is an investment in making sure this money doesn’t go to waste.

While there are a number of ways you could spend money to protect your vehicle, RV roof coatings are among the best options available.

What Are RV Roof Coatings?

In this article, when we say“RV roof coatings” we’re referring to EPDM. This acronym stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber. It can be used for a wide range of applications, but it’s become extremely popular amongst RV owners for reasons we’re about to explain.

Protection from the Sun

No matter where you plan on taking your RV, the roof of it is more than likely going to see plenty of sunlight for a prolonged period of time. After long enough, that sun can take its toll on you RV, just as it does on the surface of any vehicle.

This can also heat up the inside of your RV. Aside from the discomfort this might cause, that’s going to mean you need to pay exorbitant AC costs to keep yourself cool when staying in the vehicle.

While you may still need AC after using an EPDM coating on your roof, you’ll also need a lot less of it because this material is going to keep it from escaping out the top of your roof.

A Waterproof Layer Between You and the Elements

The other big advantage that attracts owners to RV roof coatings is that they’re waterproof. You’ve probably heard horror stories of people who had to cut their trips short or otherwise seriously modify their schedules because their RV suffered a leak.

If you don’t catch said leak and put an end to it right away, your RV could be on the receiving end of some very serious – and expensive – damage.

Installation Couldn’t Be Easier

While this doesn’t necessarily speak to its high level of protection, the fact that EPDM is so easy to install ensures you actually get the job done ASAP. The sooner it gets done, the sooner your RV will be safe for all the reasons we already covered.

This is also something you could easily do on your own if you wanted. Furthermore, you can bring a certain amount of liquid EPDM with you on your trip. Therefore, if some kind of damage is done to your roof, you will be able to repair it immediately.

RV Roof Coatings Will Also Protect Your Budget

Finally, if you’re worried that all of these benefits aren’t going to leave you with enough money to fill up your RV, don’t. EPDM is very sensibly priced and completely worth it given the value you’ll receive.

Don’t let your RV take unnecessary damage. Instead, rely on liquid EPDM to give it a powerful layer of protection unlike anything else.

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