How to Repair a Roof with an EPDM Coating

If you were looking for a roofing solution for your RVs, it makes sense that you may have chosen EPDM. This material is second-to-none when it comes to protecting your roof against whatever the outside world may throw at it. That being said, eventually it may need a repair or two. Decades of torment are bound to do damage or Mother Nature may just land a lucky blow. In either case, you can handle the repair with EPDM coating and get right back to enjoying a well-protected roof.

Check the Weather

Don’t start this project until weather conditions are in your favor. You can have the whole thing done in a day, but only if the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. It can be tempting to try this when the temperature is nice and low so you’re not baking on top of that roof, but your primer will likely freeze or otherwise not adhere to the EPDM very well.

Clean the Surface

Before you can repair your roof, it needs to be as clean as possible. If you’re replacing the EPDM coating on the entire thing, then your whole roof needs to be cleaned off. Otherwise, just clean the specific area you’re addressing.

However, it can’t be stressed enough that the area you’re planning to repair has to all-but-sparkle. That’s because no matter how you plan on installing the new layer of EPDM, anything that stands between it and your roof is liable to cause a problem, which could leave you needing to handle repairs again later.

This also means addressing any damage that was done to your roof. Remove any pieces of wood, concrete, etc. that may be loose. Caulk or otherwise seal up any holes. You want as smooth a surface as possible below your EPDM coating.

Apply Your Primer

No matter what you’re using to handle the repair with EPDM coating, you’re going to have to lay down a primer first. A simple paintbrush is usually perfect for the job as it ensures you get the primer all over the area, as opposed to using a spray, which can miss certain spots.

However, you also want to make sure you spread it nice and evenly. Puddles of primer don’t dry all the way through and will cause problems when you try applying EPDM to it.

Usually, primer should take two or three minutes to dry, depending on your weather.

Apply Your EPDM

If you’re just repairing a single patch, make sure the piece of EPDM you cut goes about two to three inches past it in every direction. Always be sure when you apply it, that no air bubbles get trapped below. Then use a silicone roller to force it into your primer. You only need a moderate amount of pressure to do this successfully.

That’s’ all it takes to repair your EPDM roof. While these roofs are very strong to begin with, repairs will eventually become necessary. One of the benefits of this kind of roofing, though, is that handling the repair is so easy.

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