Liquid EPDM is a Perfect Option for Roofing Needs

Utilizing EPDM in roofing has been popular for many decades, but it is only relatively recently that the liquid EPDM has been taking center stage. Both of the options, the traditional panels and the liquid, have their benefits and uses. In some cases, homeowners and contractors may even use them in conjunction with one another. They can work well on flat roofs as well as on those with a low slope. This article helps to illustrate what liquid EPDM is for those who want more information.

The EPDM Rubber Sheets and Liquid Offer Benefits

This roofing system utilizes rubber EPDM sheets that go on the roof and have the flexibility needed to go around pipes, gutters, and more. This helps to make it a great choice for businesses and homes alike. However, as great as these sheets are, they still have seams. These seams can allow water to slip through to the top of the roof. This might not be a problem if there is not a leak, but if could cause the water to sit and rot through a wooden roof over time. A better option might be to add liquid EPDM over the top of the sheets or panels. It’s also possible to forego the panels entirely with some types of roofs.

The liquid and the sheets both have long lives and are very durable. They can last decades without needing replacement or repair, and there is very little maintenance needed with them. The only thing necessary for the proper care of the roof is to check it every few months for any damage or debris and clean it off. There should not be much else in the way of caring for the roof. That’s one of the reasons so many homeowners like the sheets and the liquid EPDM. They enjoy that they do not have to worry every time there is a bit of rain.

Installation is simple for the sheets and the liquid EPDM both. The liquid is the simplest of the options when it comes to installation and application though. After cleaning the roof’s surface, it’s easy to apply it with a paint roller. Brushes can work for the finer and smaller areas. Whether you decide you need to install the EPDM sheets or the liquid, consider whether you have the time and the skills to do it the right way. While it is easy to do, it might be a time saver to hire a professional roofer to take care of it for you. It all depends on how you feel about DIY projects.

Consider the Roof

It is important for homeowners and business owners to consider the size and the shape of their roof before they decide they want to use liquid EPDM. It can work quite well for flat roofs and those that have a low angled slope. If the roof has a sharp peak to it, the liquid will not adhere properly, and it will run down with gravity. Always thing about what you need and what will work before starting a project.

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