Liquid EPDM is growing in Popularity and Usage

One of the most popular types of roofing today is liquid EPDM, and each year it grows a bit more in adoption amongst those who need a better roofing solution. Homeowners are using it for their homes and business owners utilize it for the roofs of their businesses. Some use them for the roofs of their RVs and motor homes. The liquid roofing option is capable of providing a number of benefits that other roofing choices simply cannot provide.

The Benefits of Using Liquid EPDM

One of the most impressive things about the liquid is the strength and resilience it provides. The liquid is capable of withstanding temperature extremes from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. While roofs will never be subject to this kind of heat, it is impressive to know the liquid roof is capable of withstanding them. It also means a home or business in an area that gets particularly warm in the summer or cold in the winter will have no trouble using this system for their roof.

The liquid EPDM is also very simple to add to nearly any existing roof. It works best with flat and low slope roofs, and because it is a liquid, it can conform to any shape. It can even work on flashing and protrusions from the roof, if needed. The liquid goes onto the roof in a fashion similar to paint. With a roller or brush, it is possible to turn the new liquid roof into a DIY project that should not take more than a few hours to complete. Most roofs are only going to need one coat of the liquid.

The long lasting liquid EPDM has some key advantages over rubber sheet roofing too. For starters, it will last much longer without “chalking”. In fact, the liquid is capable of lasting as much as three times longer than other types of roofing. It is waterproof and resistant to punctures. Adding the liquid is like giving a roof a nice coat of armor to help keep it safe no matter what happens.

The liquid is so versatile that people are using it on a variety of different types of surfaces with great effect. Some of the surfaces where people use the coating today include concrete, primed food, metal, fiberglass, urethane foam, and PVC sheets and pipes. While it is good for many surfaces, it will not work well on other areas, such as those spaces that have a high amount of foot traffic, or on built-up asphalt roofs. Anyone considering liquid EPDM for a project should always consult the manufacturer’s directions to ensure proper usage.

Consider the Coating

When looking for a high quality solution for roofing, whether for a home or for a place of business, the liquid is one of the finest and most cost effective solutions around. It goes on easily and it lasts for a long time. With all of the benefits the liquid offers, it is no wonder so many are choosing this route.

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