Liquid EPDM

Liquid EPDM or (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) can actually extend the life of single-ply EPDM by another 20 years. You can save a significant amount of money on your roof installations and fix any leaking roof while you are also sealing and protecting its surface for future years. You only have to apply Liquid EPDM once and that’s it! You don’t need any primer on most substrates and you certainly do not need to reapply every 3-4 years like other roof coatings.

It is ideal for small or large problematic roofs, residential or commercial as well as numerous industrial applications. Trailer Leaks, Camper leaks, houseboats, rv’s  and also waterproofing your basement, Steel roofs, Air-conditioner enclosures, Gutters, cooling towers, Unit-heater flues, it can even be used on concrete pipes, chimney stacks and fiberglass, and many others.

Just imagine how much you can save by this do-it-yourself application when you use Liquid EPDM. It has been used many times by contractors in the United States and is a very long lasting solution because it is so versatile and can be used on rubber, fiberglass, wood, metal, concrete, foam and fabric. If you compare it to some other sealants like Acrylics and Elastomeric by over it has proven to outperform 4 times longer.  One of the more appealing benefits of the product is its ease of use. A medium nap roller is all you need as well as a paintbrush for around the edges and “hard to reach” areas.  If you follow the mixing instructions and apply the liquid epdm on a dry surface you will have a roof that will last many years.  And best of all from an aesthetics point your roof will dry to a nice smooth finish.

Primers are not needed on most surfaces so this will save on both time and money because with other systems you will have to use a primer and then several coats. With Liquid EPDM only one coat is needed.  No need to add needless weight to your roof with multiple coast from other roof coatings systems.

It has a honey-like consistency and during the curing process the bubbles will look similar to when you are cooking a pancake. This is because the trapped air that is underneath is rising to the surface. A lot of other products will hold in this air and this makes for future cracks and unstable coating.

Liquid EPDM can be used on most surfaces and is immediately waterproof after applied. It is the ONLY Liquid EPDM in the world! One bought you will never be without it.

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