RV Roof Leaks

Recreational vehicles or RVs are beyond cool. They are practical to have for people who love traveling living spaces. It is great to own an RV because a person can have the amenities of an ordinary home while traveling. He can bring his families or friends with him, and they can have fun on the road. Lots of families in North America have trailers or motor vehicles, and that is a way of life for them–a fun-filled life.

The Roof Problem
However, there is a need to maintain RVs like other vehicles. But it is not hard to maintain RVs, especially for people who have the know-how.
One major issue in maintaining an RV is the roof because it can be damaged due to exposure to varying weathers in extensive periods. RV roof leak repair is not rocket science, especially if a person knows the different classifications of RV roofs.

RV Roof Types
One must identify the type of roof of his recreational vehicle so he can avoid an RV roof leak. People who understand the different types of RV roofs do not have roadblocks when they need repairs. There are three classifications of RV roofs: rubber, fiberglass, and metal.

1. Metal RV Roofs– Metal is the easiest material to identify when it comes to roofs. But they are not being used today compared to rubber roofs. However, more people are still using metal roofs for their RVs. Metal roofs have common characteristics, and aluminum roofs look similar. One of the ordinary traits of metal roofs is that they have support beams about 2 feet.

2. Fiberglass RV Roofs— These types of RV roofs are becoming rarer as time passes by. It’s hard to identify fiberglass roofs in the primary glance because they look the same, and they come in various styles. RV fiberglass roofs are hard and solid. They don’t flex like metal roofs, and they feel different than rubber roofs that are harder to touch. They are smooth so they are slippery when wet. Thus, you need to be extra careful when cleaning.

3. Rubber RV Roofs– They are the newest and the most ordinary RV roof type nowadays. These roofs are made of special rubber that is called EPDM or Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer. The name of this rubber might not be recognizable, but it is like ordinary rubber. RV roofs are commonly soft, white, and chalky. However, older rubber roofs might be off-white or tan in color. The textures of old rubber roofs are chalky, especially when they are worn out.

How to Maintain an RV Roof
Identifying the type of RV roof will make it easier for a person to maintain his RV, and avoid an inevitable RV roof leak repair. An RV owner needs to familiarize himself with the different types of roofs and the best ways to maintain them. A person can also avoid an RV roof leak by identifying automobile parts suppliers and car repair shops in the towns and cities that are included in the traveling route.

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