RV Roof Repair with EPDM

People love to take their RVs with them on vacation. It is far more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground and it is cheaper to find a nice campground than it is to shell out money for a hotel. Naturally, you want to make sure you keep your RV in good working condition. However, it is about far more than just keeping the engine running and ensuring you have new tires every couple of years. You also need to think about the quality of your roof. If it starts leaking, you are not going to have a good time on your trip. It’s actually possible to do some basic RV roof repair on your own, and one of the best materials for it is EPDM coating.

What Tools Will You Need?

First, you need to make sure you have a high quality EPDM product for your RV roof repair. Check the applications and uses of the product so you can be sure it will actually work for your particular type of roof first. In addition, you will need to have an EPDM roller that will allow you to create a nice and even coat of adhesive on the roof of the RV. A sharp knife will make it possible to cut the sheets into the right size. It is important that you have a very sharp knife, as this will reduce the potential for jagged edges on the coating.

In addition you will need a scraper to remove any caulking on the roof that you don’t want. A scouring pad, such as a very fine Scotch Bright Pad will make it easier to clean the surface of the roof before applying the EPDM. You need to do a good job of cleaning all dirt and debris from the roof before you start the RV roof repair with the EPDM. If the roof is not clean, the materials will not adhere properly.

Many people who are trying their own RV roof repair to stop leaks using this method think they have a clean roof. However, there could still be some grease or oil on the roof. When you believe the roof is clean, give it one more scrubbing just to be sure. The methods you will use for cleaning can differ based on the type of roof you have, as well as the amount of oxidation the roof has. If you find that even after cleaning, it still appears as though there is dirt on the roof, you might want to use an EPDM primer, or use an EPDM product that does not need a primer.

Great Protection

Using EPDM for RV roof repair can provide you with all the protection your roof needs. It can withstand massive variations in temperature, snow, rain, and more. When applied properly, it can keep the roof in great shape and safe from leaks for many years to come. While it is possible to complete the repairs on your own, you may find that it’s easier when you have a professional take care of it for you.

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