Use EPDM to Repair Your Roof

Do you need to repair a leak, hole, or other problem involving your roof? If so, you don’t lack options, but you’ve probably found out that isn’t necessarily a good thing. While there are countless solutions to choose from, chances are your best choice will be an EPDM coating. The following will explain why.


No matter what kind of roof you’re looking at, you can handle the repair with an EPDM coating. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about homes, warehouses, commercial buildings, RVs or boats, if you want to keep the elements out, use an EPDM coating for the repairs.

That’s not all though. Handling a repair with an EPDM coating gives you two options in terms of the medium. You can either attach sheets of EPDM to the roof much like you would roll out carpet or you can apply it in liquid form. The version you choose will be based largely on personal preference, but neither is liable to let you down.


Its easy application certainly helps with its effectiveness, because this means it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake. As long as you effectively clean the area of debris and fix any physical issues, you or the person you hire can have the EPDM solution applied in no time.

Once installed, a solid rubber membrane is formed and it is virtually impenetrable. EPDM has been tested in temperatures as low as negative 40 Fahrenheit and as high as 300 without a problem. The material didn’t remotely melt or become brittle.

For this reason, many people apply EPDM to their roofs long before repairs are ever necessary, simply as a precaution.


The actual cost of your repair with EPDM coating will depend on a number of factors. First, there’s the roof itself. There’s also which version of EPDM you use, which brand, and whether or not you pay someone to apply it. Even still, given how amazing this solution is, it’s far more affordable than other popular methods out there.

Long Lasting

Given its effectiveness, it should go without saying that repairs made with EPDM are going to last for years. In fact, many companies offer warranties on their EPDM products that can easily last as long as 30 years or more. That should tell you how long-lasting this material is. When you factor in this kind of longevity, EPDM becomes even more affordable too.

Energy Savings

Speaking of affordability, using this material to repair your roof can also go a long way in terms of saving you money on your utilities. That’s because EPDM isn’t just about keeping cold and hot temperatures out, it’s also about keeping them in where you want them. The seal this rubber forms over your roof will ensure your expensive hot and cold air doesn’t sneak out where the roof is weak.

Don’t put off roof repairs if you’re intimidated by the process. You can make things easy on yourself by choosing EPDM for the job. Fortunately, although the choice is a no-brainer, in years to come, you’ll find it was the smart decision.

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