What Is Liquid Roof Repair for RVs?

RV roofs have to withstand a lot of abuse. They deal with high temperatures during the summer, and possibly freezing temperatures during the winter. They must cope with rain, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and snow. All of that will eventually take a toll, no matter what the roof is made of. When the time comes, Liquid Roof repair for RVs is the answer in nearly all situations.

The Types of Roofing for RVs

Currently, there are three types of roofing material used for RVs. The most common is rubber. The second most common is fiberglass. The rarest is aluminum. All of these roofing materials are subject to degradation, wear and tear, aging and the potential for damage. All RV roofs will need repairs over time, no matter what they’re made from. However, not all liquid roof repair products can be applied to all types of roofing. Only Liquid Roof is usable with rubber, aluminum and fiberglass.

How Does Liquid Roof Repair Work?

There are many differences with Liquid Roof repair for RVs and other similar-sounding systems. One of the most important to understand is that this is a one-ply system. That means you’ll only need to apply a single coat in order to repair your RV’s roof. With other products, you many need to apply two or even three coats.

Essentially, Liquid Roof repair for RVs applies a layer of a special rubberized coating. You might be familiar with EPDM, which is used on everything from commercial buildings to homes. Liquid Roof is a derivative of EPDM, and offers most of the same benefits, coupled with a few others.

Once the old roof is cleaned and prepped (including a coat of primer if necessary, although this will depend on the type of roofing system in use), all you need to do is use a paint roller to spread the Liquid Roof. Roll it on evenly across the entire roof. Once applied, it is automatically waterproof, which means that a passing rain shower won’t derail your repair efforts.

It usually takes between two and three days (at a temperature of at least 50 degrees F) for the Liquid Roof repair to cure. It will require a full week for a complete cure, but the RV is usable before that.

Additional Benefits of Liquid Roof Repair

Liquid Roof offers a number of benefits that go well beyond immediate waterproofing and ease of application. Once you mix the two elements together, you have roughly four hours to apply it before the material becomes too stiff. Note that very hot temperatures will shorten this time somewhat. Most owners find that they can coat a full 24-foot RV in two hours or less. Another benefit here is that Liquid Roof is actually one of the best products on the market to resist ponding, which is a major cause of RV roof damage and leaks.

Obviously, Liquid Roof offers many benefits and advantages that make it one of the best suited choices in the industry for repairing an RV’s roof.

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