Why RV Coatings Are Essential

Owning an RV isn’t like owning any other type of vehicle. You take pride in your RV, but you also depend on it to let you explore the country in comfort. This is why RV coatings are so important, especially those made from EPDM.

One Leak Could Cost a Lot

No one likes dealing with a leaky roof, especially if that leak is in the roof of your RV. Still, because they are so small, leaks are sometimes easy to forget about. Many people will use a quick workaround to plug them and stop for the day.

However, leaks can quickly grow into much greater problems. For one thing, most leaks do not stay the same size. As water continues to pass through them, they actually widen, letting in more and more.

Then there is the possibility that the water that is getting in will eventually cross paths with an electrical wire. Your microwave or an outlet could all of a sudden get short-circuited and no longer work. Worse still, it could also kill your RV’s battery.

Unlike other RV coatings, using EPDM provides a custom seal that not even water can sneak past. This is true even if you have unique features to the roof of your RV like pipes or sunroofs. The liquid roof will conform to these elements, which is why many consider this material better than all other RV coatings on the market.

Heat Can Take Its Toll

If you do not generally take your RV through environments where there is snow or a lot of rainfall, you may think you have considerably less to worry about. However, it’s important to consider what can happen as a result of direct sunlight. For those of you who live in southern states, the sun could cause issues for your RV just as quickly as anything falling from the clouds could.

Over time, intense heat may begin to crack or weaken the roof of your RV. If holes become big enough, water will definitely get in during the next storm, or simply when you are washing your vehicle. Pests may also decide that these openings make for inviting opportunities to call your RV home.

Fortunately, RV coatings made from EPDM can stand up to temperatures ranging between 40 below zero all the way up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, these temperatures are unrealistic, but it is still nice to know you will not have to worry about anything in between.

Application Is Easy

If the above was not good enough, you will love that EPDM RV coatings are extremely easy to apply. You literally do not need any experience with doing work on your vehicles in order to pull this off.

The way you apply it will depend on the brand you get, but generally,it is done with a sprayer. Otherwise, you might use a roller. Either way, it should not take more than an hour. In just an hour or two after that, the EPDM should dry into hard rubber.

Don’t let your RV suffer from typical wear and tear or even something more extreme. Instead, apply EPDM and enjoy the benefits of a leak-free vehicle.

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